#BAGSIE with Soapbox & Sons

#BAGSIE is a collaborative project curated by Soapbox & Sons, art directed by Emma Taylor of Creative Advice Network and photographed by Jonathan Knowles.  In February, ten illustrators and artists were chosen to take part.  We each made a self portrait on a paper bag exposing some internal element of ourselves.  These were slipped over our heads for a photo shoot in May.  The results will be unveiled later this year in an exhibition.  My #BAGSIE was a sparrows head constructed from paper bursting out of the bag.

These are my photos of the final stage of making and here’s a montage of behind the scenes from the shoot day.  If you’re interested in the process I used to build the bird’s head, the article and photos are on my blog.

Showing your insides on the outside was a fun and slightly tricky proposition.  Something that interests me is showing force or fury from unexpected or mundane sources, a kind of inner voice.  For example, my logo is a tiny rabbit who is growling, he’s fragile, but cheeky.  To illustrate this yell from the meek, I made a paper sparrow’s head for my bag. Sparrows are a nice representation of this idea, they’re small, delicate, common, but can be rowdy or brave.  Maybe the anonymity of a bag gives added courage to let inner feelings out as the bird’s head has bust through the front of the bag.  The other important factor? I thought it would look funny!



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